Superfood Triphala is Off the Antioxidant Charts!


Today we are more health conscious than ever before as we have learned about the true needs of our bodies and how to fulfill them. Antioxidant superfoods are recognized as being highly beneficial to our body’s ability to function optimally and regarded as vehicles to bolster our immune and digestive systems.   Super foods contain high levels of measured antioxidants that are nutrient dense and low calorie.  The polyphenol compounds present in these health promoting properties support biological actions such as anti-oxidativity, antitumoral, antimicrobrial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Antioxidants and TEAC

TEAC, or Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity, is a method of measuring the level of antioxidant abilities various foods or substances actually contain and compares it to the standard, which is Trolox.  The TEAC method is mostly used to measure antioxidant capacities in various foods, beverages, and ingestible vitamin and mineral or dietary supplements. The higher the TEAC level, the higher the antioxidant capacity in the substance, thus the more benefits can be reaped from it.

For a visual comparison, below we’ve put together graphic which contains a collection of eight superfoods, fruits and herbs which contain the highest TEAC and therefore offer some of the greatest antioxidant benefit to the body. While the following foods are found to have the highest TEAC levels available in natural foods there are many more which have excellent antioxidant properties, so do your research. These, however, are an excellent start.  Check out how antioxidant powerhouse Triphala tops the charts! 

Triphala high antioxidant content TEAC measurement in Superfoods

8 Antioxidant Superfoods

1.  Haritaki (or Harada) - found in Nutridosha’s Premium Triphala Formula

Haritaki is the name of a large tree from the herb family which bears fruit by the same name. The fruit has been used for centuries as a dietary supplement, and is recognized as being very versatile in its curing properties.

TEAC: 679

Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Haritaki contains an effective chemical combination which includes gallic acid, hydrolysable tannins (including chebulinic acid, chebulanin, terchebin, and punicalgin), ellagic acid, and tannic acid.

Antioxidant content: 706 mmol/100g

2.  Amalaki (or Amla) Found in Nutridosha’s Premium Triphala Formula

Also referred to as Indian Gooseberry, Amalaki is a species of tree native to India which has long been esteemed for its variety of healing benefits. It cleanses the body by improving digestive health, relieving chronic constipation, and is effective in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Due to the high content of Vitamin C (over 30x more than an orange!), it's also believed to prevent and alleviate the common cold.

TEAC: 262

Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Flavonoids, tannic acid, gallic acid, ellagic acid, and coralagin.

Antioxidant Content: 261.6 mmol per 100 g

3.  Bibhitaki (or Behada) Found in Nutridosha’s Premium Triphala Formula

The word Bibhitaki literally means ‘the one that keeps you away from disease’. It is an herb which is typically sold powdered, and is a common ingredient in Triphala. It is known to effectively remedy ailments including heart disease, bronchitis, and throat, eye, and bladder problems, and also energizes the body while acting as a mild, safe laxative.  It also contains up to 31% linoleic acid (omega 6) and is rich in phenolic compounds.

TEAC: 161

Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Syponin glycosides, bellericannin, belleric acid, bellericoside, and britosterol, all of which are triterpenoids.

Antioxidant Content: 157 mmol per 100g

4.   Blackberries

Blackberries are one of the berry varieties highest in antioxidant qualities. It is a common berry, eaten often fresh or as an ingredient in a number of recipes. Fresh or dried blackberries or powdered blackberry supplements are effective in treating stomach issues, easing menstrual and menopausal symptoms, and cleansing and strengthening the digestive system.

TEAC: 20

Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Gallic acid, flavonoids, photochatechuic acid, caffeic acid, vanillic acid, and a variety of other effective chemical combinations which enhance the antioxidant activity in the body.

Antioxidant Content: 3.990 mmol per 100g

5.   Raspberries

Raspberries are another very popular and delicious berry we are all familiar with which is chock full of wonderful antioxidants and antioxidant activity. Like blackberries, raspberries improve just about everything going on in our digestive system, as well as adding tone and strength to the tract’s muscles structure itself.

TEAC: 16

Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Like blackberries, raspberries are rich in are filled with the gallic and other acids which act so effectively as antioxidants.

Antioxidant Content: 2.334 mmol per 100g

6.  Ginger

Ginger is a root typically used for seasoning in Asian food and others, It is a natural root which is used as a seasoning and contains valuable antioxidant and cleansing properties, including bolstering immunity and strengthening digestion and other issues, as well as being an effective inhibitor of cancer.

TEAC: 10

Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Gingerol and zingerone

Antioxidant Content: 2.1570 mmol per 100g

Ginger root and other antioxidant rich ginger derivatives

7.  Spinach

Spinach, on top of being fortified with the much needed iron our blood needs, but also has an abundance of antioxidant properties which cleanse, build muscle, and builds energy as well as the immune and digestive systems.


Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: P-courmaric acid derivatives and a variety of flavonoids

Antioxidant Content: 1.226 mmol per 100g

8.  Blueberries

Here is another delicious fruit favorite which is wonderful fresh, dried, or in a variety of recipes and desserts. The possibilities are endless, and this fruit has a lot of antioxidant benefits to offer everyone.


Polyphenol Antioxidant Chemistry: Phenolic acid, gallic acids, flavonoids, and several of the same acids contained in raspberries and blackberries which all work together effectively as antioxidants.

Antioxidant Content: 2.154 mmol per 100g


Antioxidant activity is present in the above listed superfoods as well as a large number of others; those above contain the some of highest content measured and have been found to provide the most versatile and flexible health preventions and benefits.

We are proud to provide our customers with some of the highest measured and recorded antioxidant benefits in our Ayurveda products.

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